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six television gingers

Because procrastinating on everything I have to do for next week is fun.  And also to prove to myself that I could talk about awesome women (and pictures of them) without mentioning Summer Glau or Claudia Black.  Totes.


Six Fantastic Gingers of Sci-fi Television
(in random order because ranking is for losers and people with decision making skills)



Willow Rosenberg


Smart, geeky, awkward, adorable, dangerous.  Baker of guilt cookies.  Flayer of skin. Crayon breaker. Brilliant.


"I'm not ashamed.  It's the computer age.  Nerds are in.  They're still in, right?"
"Bored now."



Dana Scully


Medical doctor.  Five feet of badass skepticism in bad suits.  Could probably compete with Aeryn Sun in the "my significant other ruined my life" stakes.


"I want you to do me a favor. It's not negotiable. Either you do it or I kill you. You understand?
"Mulder, it's me."



Donna Noble


The most important woman in the whole of creation.  Takes no shit from anyone, ever.  Cares about everyone and everything.  Waves at fat.  Loud.  Will save (but not mate with) you.  Can out "what?" the Doctor.  Chiswick's Super Temp.  The Doctor Donna.  The best mate ever.


"D'you wanna bet, time boy?"
"Ah, the universe has been waiting for me!"



Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu


The ultimate superiority complex. Will fry you like a bug. Speaks in tongues. Devious, manipulative, arrogant. Could give Cameron a run for her money in the self-repair department. Will survive anything.


"Weak species."
"Now, what are you going to do for me?"




Amelia Pond


The girl who waited.  Not actually a cop.  Very aware of her legs.  Tall Scot, will fry.  Demanding flirt, doesn't understand what "no" means or how to follow instructions.  Sets her own terms.  Has made Eleven one of her boys.  Might very well be indestructible.


"I'm Amelia, and you're late."
You have a wooden time machine. Do you feel stupid?



Catherine Weaver


Scottish killer machine.  Can kill you with her finger.  And her tongue.  Cold lap, cold heart, calls Sarah Connor a bitch.  Poised, controlled and thinks you're expendable.  Cyborg HBIC.


"Humans will disappoint you."
"Do you know what's extremely rare in the world of computers? Finding one that'll cross against the light."


I concur with all of your picks and pics, vehemently. :)
Hee. I had a long, long moment of "OMG, I HOPE I DIDN'T FORGET ANYONE." Because someone will notice. And never let me forget it.
Also, that is a GLORIOUSLY PERFECT picture of Donna. LOVE.
Willow, Scully and Donna! I'd pay just to see those three sitting around chatting about the people in their lives.
Yes. This. There needs to be a giant crossover episode of gingers.
I totally scrolled to make sure Amy was on this list.
Who do you think I am, exactly?

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You know what's sad about that? I TOTALLY PICKED AN ICON. And then LJ was like "No, I don't think so, INAPPROPRIATE DEFAULT ICON FOR YOU."

Also? Shut up.
You just screwed up. Cop to it.


And, hey, we're somewhat creating a comment thread. Look at us go. Whee.