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She's got the power... Okay, Sailor Moon flashbacks over.

It does, I have to admit. It's quite lovely. I like it. I like it the way I like seeing Brennan making out. Well, no. MakingOut!Brennan trumps this a bit. MAKINGOUT!BRENNAN. Yessss.
Mulder said it first, it's not paranoia when you're right. *laughs*
Never watched the X-Files (shock!gasp!faint!) but agreed.

...I am always right.
Hi! My name's wannatee and I was wondering if you would be willing to friend me?

I also have love for Bones and Emily Deschanel like you do, and I love all the stories I've read from you so far.

and yeah... that's all I got. :3
Sure! Bones and Emily love work for me!
Hey - you should totally add me 'cause I'm way super cool. Way.
I have a feeling you enjoyed that way more than you should have.

Like, totally add me back, kay? We can be like, bestestest bubble gum friends forEVAH.


*loves you something fierce*

hey! are you taking new friends? I really need someone to gush about all my love for Bones/Brennan/Emily Deschanel because my friends seem to be avoiding me! nonsense!

no, I'm kidding, I'm not as dorky as I seem, I'm a pretty nice person. *bats eyelashes*

add me?
Indeed, I am. Friends are always of the takey. Um. Yes.

Dorks are good.

...Okay so I've seen you around on here and on FF.net and I love your Fanfiction... and you just seem really awesome. >_< I am, of course, a Bones fan... Emily is LOVE. ♥

Do you want to be friends?? *winning smile*

Kay, you win.

p.s i just read your ff.net fic in memorioum, only went through about 10 tissues *cough*
sorry, i meant do you know x_starbuck whoops and in case i just deleted my cooment, wanna be friends lol. I'm ore clumsy than usual today, All your fics on ff.net make me cry- well all the character death ones anyway
Hi! Sorry for such a late response. And yes, I do know x_starbuck.

Friended you. Welcome to...um...something. Hi!
Hi! It's me, ani8. Well, I used to be ani8. Anyways, I renamed my lj, and now as a consequence, I've been removed from everyone's flist. I don't really know why, but could you please add me back? Thanks :)
Hi can I please be added... My obsession is Bones & Emily ;) Any Emily makes my day.. Can we be friends :)
Hi, would you mind if we became friends? I've been reading your fics and I absolutely adore them.

My name's Sophie by the way. *grins*
Found you through The "I Really Dont Need Any More Friends" Friending Meme ;D
Greetings and salutations!

So, I saw you on someone else's journal and since you're a writer who seems to have some of the same interests, I thought I'd see if you'd consider being friends?

And if that sounds too formal... *it does to me* Then, OMG! Please you like totally have to add me, because we like have SO much in common! Like...

Or not. Just thought I'd drop you a line. :)

OMG, you're the girl who does 120 Seconds. And Poison Apples. ...and she lowers the enthusiasm level as she realizes that she's actually reviewed like all of once.

I love your stuff. Really. And I just checked out your profile, and: Rogue/Remy and Kaylee/Simon? LOVE. And that fact that you find Rogue/Logan unacceptable is total win.

So what I'm basically saying is...I think you have excellent taste and the fact that you are a major part of me getting my J/C fix? I should be asking to friend you.

So, um, I'm going to shut up now and friend you. Kay.
wow shortest LJ relationship ever lol.
Wandered over per your post in dekker_daily; seems we have quite a bit in common, other than T:SCC. Would love to have another like mind on ye ol' f-list, if you're willing. :)
Of course! Added you. Although be warned: SCC is eating my LJ these days.
Oh, hey! Added.
Hi! I found your Lj by chance when you commented on someone's entry I was reading (annaxbanana, one of my friends), and I liked your icon so I followed the link! I think we have a few things in common and was wondering if you'd like to be friends?

My name is Serena, I'm 21, Italian but living in London where I study at Uni! I also love, like you, dogs (I have a beautiful Golden Retriever back home!), writing, Gossip Girl, Star Wars (esp Han Solo!), Spice Girls, toblerone, music... :)
Hee. Summer Glau strikes again.

SPICE GIRLS. Friended!

Be my friend

I did this thing where I went to a friend's ff page but true to my word to that person, I did not scroll down. I only went there to see if the link to their lj was there and indeed it was. I then made this lj account so I could read musings made by this person, such as those made during television shows. I thought this person may forgive/sympathize with me as I have this pain in my left arm after watching the most recent Terminator Episode. :)

Re: Be my friend

OH MY GOD. I KNEW IT WAS YOU. At first I was like...what is with yet another random person friending me without saying a word? And then I saw the username. And was like...waaaaait...could it BE?

I want to tackle you right now. Not in the hateful way.
Hi my name's Emily, I'm relatively new to Live Journal (Actually I started a journal 8 weeks ago but only remembered about it yesterday!) I thought I would get active with Live Journal and I'm looking to make some new friends. I saw your Live Journal through "The Tudors" community. You sound really interesting and I was wondering if I could friend you?
Hi! Welcome to LJ. I'm actually really not active at all in The Tudors fandom and should probably leave that comm. So if you want to defriend me because you don't think we'll have any interests in common, go right ahead. I'll friend you back now, but don't worry about hurting my feelings if you want to defriend.
Added you because of the friending meme ;-)
Hola, I thought I'd add a fellow Resistance member. Friend back if you're so inclined, if not, no worries. Keep up the good work, soldier. :)
Of course! Friended.
Hiya! This is heartedge. I just renamed my journal. Add me back, please~?
Oh, hey! Added.
Adding you.
Added back!
AUGH I used this layout for like a year, YOU ARE ME.
Reality is sad, no? I suppose I must now reluctantly add you back. Such trials.

TSCC devotee wants in...

Awesome open entry on TSCC, AND if memory serves, awesome interview with AEM.

Also a Firefly fan, but please explain, I just can't imagine River and Jayne.
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